Iconic Mas: The Power Of Water

Iconic Mas Band (which has been on the road for two years) is said to be a band in tribute to the pioneers of the industry. It is a band that has a family vibe and attracts diverse new comers of carnival introducing them to the Caribbean culture.

The band is directed by Cleon Lord who is also the CEo of Front Line Radio and Co2 Productions. This year’s costumes were designed by internationally known designer Patricia Sawyerr from PYS Carnival. She has designed for Insane Carnival in Antigua for their 2015 presentation and has also designed a section in Grenada for Summer Crew in 2014. PYS Carnival’s work was captured on the BBC and ITV News reports regarding the 2015 Notting Hill Carnival, in the Metro April 2016 newspaper promoting London’s flourishing White City area and a music video by Singer-songwriter Taliwhoah X Spacey Blak titled “LOST IN THE SAUCE”.

The overarching theme of this year’s costumes is ‘The Gift of Life’ with ‘water’ being portrayed as feminine and masculine energy. The properties of water emphasized is that of healing, cleansing and purification. The colours of turquoise, pale blue and white are very clearly dominant.  The female costume is called ‘The Goddess of Purity’.  The female costume comes in Back line (£170)  Mid line (£240), Frontline (£280) and Ultra (£335) which is the front line with a feathered headpiece large feather collar and cape.

Water as stated by the theme also carries the powerful characteristics of being dark, heavy and thick in motion which is depicted in the male costume. He is said to symbolise the adaptability of water and is called ‘The Prince of Purity’.  The male costume is priced at (£210)

All packages are all inclusive: Iconic Mas Drinks Bottle & Bag, Iconic Mas whistle, bottle opener, key ring, hand sanitiser, breakfast and lunch, beverages, security, 44ft Music Truck and international DJs.

Funny thing, before I knew the theme, the costume (female body wear) did remind me of water. The graduated blue colours frills do add to that impression of water and waterfalls. Nicceee.  I like these costumes. Haven’t seen anything like them for this band launch season for Notting Hill Carnival 2017. It appears that these costumes will have good movement and I like the tiara of the female back line. And have I mentioned before that I am very fond of the colour blue? I’d love to have seen more images of the front line cape and collar.  Will have to have a look around to see if I can find any images online.

For more information, please visit info@iconicmas.com, Iconic Mas on Facebook and iconicmasuk on instagram and twitter. Images authorised by Iconic Mas and taken by Ryanna. One image captured by Otis Corbie. Article written by ilovecarnival.com

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