Iconic Mas is a band in tribute to the pioneers of the industry. It’s a band that has a family vibe and everyone comes together as one with love and unity, attracting diverse newcomers of carnival and introducing them to the Caribbean culture.

…..Iconic Mas created July 2015

year our theme for 2017 is called ‘Gift of Life’, is one of the four elements, which represents the substance of the world ‘water’.

This costume portrays ‘water’, as a feminine and masculine energy. The energy that exuberant almost creates the presence of a goddess. She presents the characteristics of, healing, cleansing and purification as she parades the road, letting all her purity of love and emotion flow around her.  Her colours are light and refreshing ad she presents herself in a turquoise & pale blue shade with a hint of white, with flecks of light as the sun hits her. They call her “The goddess of purity”.

The element of water also carries the powerful characteristics of being dark, heavy and thick in motion, which can be depicted in the male costume. It’s deep shades of blue combined with flowing motions of purity found in light blue to white hues. He symbolises the adaptability of water, calling himself “The prince of purity “.